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Dr Saigal who established MedRootz is one of the renowned doctors and has a huge name in the industry. He shaped MedRootz and made it a place where one can get the safest and most effective hair treatment.

Everything works with a professional and systematic approach at our place with proper hygiene to offer safe treatment to our customers as our patient's health is of utmost importance to us.

At one of the biggest events where experts from different backgrounds have come together, Dr. Anuj Saigal was honoured with an esteemed accolade at the Sahika India International Excellence Awards. This award is awarded to Dr Anuj Saigal by one of the famous names Isha Koppikar in a context of underlining Dr. Saigal's unparalleled contributions and dedication to dermatology, specifically in the field of skin and hair transplant treatments in Delhi NCR.

If we put a light on the Dr Saigal's journey then it is nothing short of inspirational. He has a career of several years through which he has carved himself to be a well-known dermatologist known for his meticulous approach and innovative techniques in skin and hair care. His hard work and dedication towards his work have offered an unmatched treatment to his patients and also has set new benchmarks in cosmetic dermatology

Those who have put out their utmost effort and demonstrated exceptional accomplishment in their line of employment are recognized with the Sahika India International Excellence Awards. Securing the title of 'Best Skin and Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi NCR' is evidence of Dr. Saigal's diligence, commitment, and the good influence he has had on his patients' lives. His profound expertise and deft handling, which delighted his clients, are the reasons for this enormous acclaim. It's admirable how steadfastly he dedicated himself to patient care and became the best in this industry.

Dr. Saigal takes a comprehensive approach to treatment, fusing the most recent developments in medicine with a patient-centred mindset.

Even his method of operation is something to be learned. His ability to first comprehend each patient's specific needs and then treat them in a considerate manner to meet those needs enables him to customise treatments that enhance general well-being in addition to addressing cosmetic concerns.

This recognition by Isha Koppikar at the Sahika India International Excellence Awards is not just an individual achievement for Dr. Saigal , the dermatological industry is also celebrating this historic occasion. For those looking for innovative skin and hair treatments, the accolade given to Dr. Saigal gives hope. When it comes to growing back thick, healthy hair, many people give up. However, Dr. Saigal's accomplishments have given these patients the confidence that they are in good hands. His efforts and hard work demonstrated to us the outcome of continual hard work, perseverance, and commitment, and he has become an inspiration in the dermatological profession.