Did You Know These Less Popular Facts About Hair Transplant?

Researches confirm the physical appearance of a person has a stirring impact on their life experiences and opportunities. So, if thinning hair and receding hairline is stealing away your confidence then it’s time you get the right information about Hair Transplant in Delhi

Losing the crowning glory is a heart-breaking experience for both men and women. Hair loss not just changes your persona but can also rob you of your confidence to socialize. Hair loss can be caused by multiple reasons including genetic, stress, or a medical condition such as thyroid. It is important that you don’t waste time with DIY’s or home remedies, instead, seek guidance from the Best hair transplant doctor in Delhi with MedRootz.

Here are some of the popular myths around hair transplants that are busted by the Best hair transplant surgeons in Delhi.

Hair transplant is not only for Men

Not just men, but women also can have balding patterns that are visible from the top of the head. Baldness or bald patches, both can be treated by hair transplant. You must take professional guidance to know about hair transplant treatment that will create the best results for you.

Age limit for hair transplant

Age doesn’t have any impact on the procedure or the results. The presence of hairs on the back of the head is the main factor for hair transplant. At a young age, hair loss is progressive thus you may need more sessions or continued treatment to maintain the result. With age, the hair loss stabilizes thus the results achieved are excellent with fewer efforts.

Body hair transplant vs Scalp hair transplant

In the scalp Hair Transplant, the roots are taken from the back of the scalp where the growth is dense. The body hair has a different texture and different growth rate hence may not create the same results as Scalp hair transplant.

Can someone donate hair for a Hair transplant?

Sounds caring but scientifically, hair only from your own body can be transplanted. The body would reject the foreign hair. So, don’t get lured by such tricks because, in the end, the whole process will be forfeited causing you emotional, physical, and financial loss.

If you are looking for satisfactory results with a hassle-free experience then you must get in touch with the Best Hair clinic in Delhi. Years of experience in successful surgeries make Med Rootz the most admired and Best hair transplant clinic in Delhi. Med Rootz has a team of the Best hair transplant surgeons in Delhi, which is renowned for a high number of surgeries completed with impressive results. We at MedRootzare always ready to attend to your queries, assess your symptoms and provide an additional range of hair loss treatments and tests.

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