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Best Hair Transplant in Delhi

Healthy hair is just like a healthy and well-groomed body which shapes one’s confidence in several ways. But in recent times, hair loss has become a grave concern for most people and it is evident in people of all age groups. Widely prevalent factors like air pollution and stress aggravate this problem even further. Hair loss can adversely affect one’s social image too. Given the extreme social interaction that has become the norm of the day, this problem can put an individual in a rather uncomfortable and embarrassing situation. But this is where MedRootz comes to the rescue. Medrootz is the best hair transplant clinic in Green Park, Delhi, offering the best hair transplant in terms of safety & effectiveness. Hair loss being a very serious issue requires the utmost care and precision therefore we offer you the best PRP treatment in Delhi at the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi. At MedRootz, we offer an advanced Hair Transplant range which includes the MedRootz Nu-FUE Hair transplant in Delhi, which lets you experience the Best hair transplant in delhi. If you or any of your loved ones feel that hair loss is affecting your everyday life, then it seems Medrootz is your destination.

Types of Hair Transplant

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)

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Also known as the strip method, in this method, a strip of skin is removed from the area of permanent growth. The grafts are separated from this strip and transplanted into the target area. The area from where the grafts were extracted is stitched back using the advanced trichophytic closure which eventually results in the growth of hair through the scar while leaving a  very fine scar in the shape of a smiley. Within a  couple of weeks, the cut is completely healed.   These days FUT is combined with Nu-FUE to perform Mega/Giga sessions of Hair Restoration or Grade6/7 Baldness.

Nu-FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

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Compared to FUT, this is less invasive, relatively painless and a stitch-less technique for Hair Transplant. In this minimally invasive procedure follicular unit grafts (consisting of hair follicles) are individually removed from the donor areas by using small punches. Usually, the back of the scalp is considered the donor site, however, if that option has been exhausted, body hair can be used. These extracted hair follicles are then implanted where the hair is thinning out on your scalp. Within a few months, you get a head full of your natural hair. Due to this, your hairline is recreated without any scars or stitches.

Hair Restoration Options at MedRootz

Nu-FUE Hair Transplant

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This refined variation of the popular Nu-FUE technique is mastered at MedRootz. We use patent preservative for grafts post-extraction for increased survival. Compared to the conventional ringer lactate and saline solution, this offers a better survival rate of the transplanted hair. We have mastered the first slit technique, where holes in the implant area are made prior to procuring the grafts for Hair Transplant. As a result of this, the time between taking out the implant and grafting them is reduced. This improves their viability and the success rate of Hair Transplant. We don’t use implanters for transplanting the grafts; instead, we have developed the ‘Deft Touch Technique’  which results in No crush damage of grafts. We use very fine punches of size 0.6-0.7 mm so that the scarring is kept to a bare minimum.

Nu-FUE & FUT Combination

Best Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

Patients with advanced hair loss (Grade 6 & Grade 7 baldness) often require multiple hair transplant procedures to obtain coverage of their entire bald areas. For this, the patients have to undergo multiple sessions. The fact that there has to be a gap of a year or more between two-session makes this hair restoration a long process. Medrootz offers a safe, tested hair transplant solution for these individuals – a combination of both Nu-FUE and FUT techniques. This method gives us the opportunity to increase and achieve the maximum number of grafts even when the individual has poor donor supplies. Medrootz has delivered stunning results for many individuals who had scanty donor hair using this combination technique.

Body Hair Transplant

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Individuals with depleted donor areas are increasingly opting for Body Hair Transplant. Body hair transplant is performed by using hair from primarily the beard and chest. The best graft for transplantation apart from the scalp is obtained from the beard followed by the chest. We, at Medrootz, have successfully delivered great results using this option for our clients.

Beard, Moustache Eyebrow Reconstruction

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We also provide Nu-FUE Hair Transplant for beard shaping, eyebrows, and moustache reconstruction too! For people who have sparse eyebrows, or thin moustache or would love to have a sculpted beard, Nu-FUE Hair Transplant works wonders and we have a long list of happy clients who came in with hope and were given the looks they desired.

Maximum Coverage Transplant

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At MedRootz, we are equipped to perform Mega/Giga sessions of Hair Restoration for individuals who want maximum bald area coverage in one session. As discussed earlier the minimum gap between two Hair Transplant sessions is a year. For Individuals requiring more than 4000 grafts to go cover the bald scalp, Mega/ Giga sessions are the only option.

Growth Factor Stimulated HT with PRP

Hair Transplant in Delhi

If you are looking for a successful Hair Transplant, you need to provide the scalp with nutrition to promote the growth. PRP or platelet rich plasma has become an essential part of non-surgical hair treatment and as an adjunctive therapy to hair restoration process. Their importance in these procedures is because the plasma contains growth factors that can help in increasing survival of new grafts, promotes the growth of existing hair, and speed up healing while stimulating tissue regeneration in the treated area.


Step 1: Hair Designing – This is the primary and the most important step of Hair Restoration wherein we lay the foundation for the final natural look to the procedure. Here we work on the density, direction, and natural angle of the hair. Minute slits are created in the recipient area with utmost precision.
Step 2: Extraction – During this stage, the extraction of hair grafts is done with a very fine punch of diameter varying from 0.6-0.8 mm. This is done under local anaesthesia. The hair follicle unit is then extracted individually using forceps or vacuum-based suction and separated from the surrounding skin. These extracted hair are then prepared for transplantation to the recipient site. The hair follicles are skilfully transplanted in the desired areas to provide you with natural-looking results.
Since the follicular units are harvested individually, the entire process of harvesting requires 3-5 hours depending on the number of grafts required. The extraction site has minor scars in a checkerboard pattern that are not visible to the naked eye in the next 10 days
Step 3: Implantation – The implantation of the grafts extracted is the last stage of the procedure. Care is taken not to damage the grafts during implantation thereby increasing the success rate of the procedure. This step can be performed either by using forceps or implanters. It takes around 2-3 hours for this step depending on the number of grafts.

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Now that you know what happens during the Hair Transplant process, you must be eager to know whether the results are immediate or not. Let us tell you in detail what to expect after surgery.
• Day of transplant – You will be discharged with a simple headband to contain any post-procedure swelling and are required to keep your head at an elevated position.
• Three days after transplant – Headband is removed, and post-operative hair wash can be initiated now. Head wash is done gently over the next 7 days.
• Ten days after transplant – Another head wash is done on the 10th day to remove the scabs and the post-operative healing process is almost complete now.
• Three weeks after transplant – Temporary shedding of hair starts during this phase only to grow back after 3 months.
• Three months after transplant – The growing phase starts now, and the result keeps on getting better with each day.
• Six months after transplant – The hair growth rate accelerates, and you will be able to see appreciable results of Hair Transplant now.
• Nine months after transplant – The transplanted hair continue their growth and become thicker and stronger.

Once you have decided to undergo a Hair Transplant to cover your bald areas, you should be aware of certain precautions that are essential to be followed. These include:
1. You should not lie or sleep on your face as this would cause swelling. For the initial 3 days, you need to sleep with your head elevated at a certain angle.
2. You should avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages for at least 3 weeks after the procedure.
3. Initially, take care that you shampoo the scalp very gently.
4. You should avoid smoking for at least three weeks after surgery.
5. Hair cut is not recommended for a minimum of 3 weeks after surgery.
6. Avoid oiling or colouring your hair for a month after the procedure.
7. Avoid strenuous activities like exercising in the gym, swimming and running for 03 weeks.
8. Avoid any undue trauma to the transplanted hair like scratching for 03 weeks.

Though Hair Transplant procedure is recommended for treating hair loss, some patients might experience some side effects such as scalp pain, itching, swelling, loss of sensation at or near the surgical area, etc. However, the side effects, if any, are mild and transient.